Enterprise Philosophy:Innovation, Pragmaticality, Self Transcendence, Constant Improvement

  Taking enterprise development as its own responsibility, the group values credit during production and operation, regards customers as the gold and builds good partner relation with customers. It implements the philosophy of “people oriented” and makes bold innovation, forms healthy enterprise culture, and educates staff to build the right world outlook, life outlook and values, cherish post, devote wholeheartedly to work and make selfish contribution. Under the policy of “Enterprise Management According to Law, Enterprise Development by Morality”, the group restrains staff with strict system, strictly follows systems, so that everyone is equal in the face of system, standard enterprise management is promoted and solid foundation is laid for long sustainable development of the group

Talent Philosophy: Personhood-oriented, Talent-displayed

  The group takes character, credit and pragmaticality as the basic standards of talent selection, actively creates good condition and atmosphere for staff development and fully displays the subjective initiative and creativity of staff, truly achieving “Personhood-oriented, Talent-displayed”.

Service Philosophy: Customer Success, User Satisfaction

  The group takes customer success as the base of its won success, strives to create tangible benefits for customers, promises to achieve user satisfaction, tries its best to meet diversified demands of users and perfectly interprets the proposal of “Create Yusha Brand, Build Yusha Image”.

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